Chalice of the Faithful

Solid 14kt gold with Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli nodes.

I designed and handcrafted

this for a Dutch priest in Phoenix, Arizona: the gold was donated personal items by the faithful in his parish to be refined to create this one-of-a-kind chalice.

Chalice of the Faithful, copyright Stephen V. O'MEara

Chalice of the Faithful, copyright Stephen V. O’MEara


St. Joseph Chalice

NEW from artisan Stephen V. O’Meara – this chalice was custom handcrafted for a priest in Phoenix, Arizona, celebrating 25 years in the Priesthood.  It is fashioned from solid sterling silver with lapis lazuli stone insterts.  Every stage of the chalice has been hand-crafted.

St Joseph Chalice adj_img_0

St. Joseph Chalice, copyright Stephen V. O’Meara